Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pasta sans marinara

I am gearing up to leave for a 2 week break. This means time to clear the fridge! My husband enjoys pasta, but has never liked marinara (huh? yah..). Luckily, I did not have pasta sauce yday in my pantry and we were craving some good Italian food. With not too much energy left to go out, this is something I spruced up last night and served with some delicious sidees.
1. Pasta - fettucini, linguini..your pick
2. Pesto sauce
3. Mixed vegetables - carrots, beans, cauliflower florets..your pick
4. Onions and garlic (must have for Italian)
5. Italian seasoning
6. Lemon Zest

Cooking Time: 20 mins

1. Boil the pasta with a dash of olive oil. This helps the pieces of pasta stay separate without sticking
2. On another stove, boil the mixed vegetables
3. After both pasta and veggies feel rightly cooked (check if you can squish them with just right pressure, not too soft, not too hard). Add the pesto sauce to this mix
4. Heat some olive oil in and when hot, add some onions. Cook onions till brown
5. Add the pasta and the cooked vegetables in layers, one after the other. This helps the two blend in evenly.
6. Add some Italian seasoning (usually a blend of thyme, rosemary and so on).
7. Take off the heat after coupla minutes
8. Serve on a dish with some zest of lemon
9. For sides, just heat up some bread in an oven with a layer of your favorite cheese.
This usually comes out as a little dry pasta. Add some roasted/toasted pine nuts for extra kick..
Bon App!

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Sriram P said...

you forgot to ad the pesto sauce which makes it sans marinara, otherwise it would be bland.. :)