Friday, May 02, 2008

S inspired Kichidi

Last evening, I spent sometime with a good friend at her cozy home. We were talking about food and cuisines. She suggested a quick kichidi with black lentils (used in my previous recipe). This morning, I was tempted the make the same, but wanted to change the lentils (just for variety's sake). I had some split green lentils and voila, my tasty kichidi is ready!

1. Split green lentils - 1 cup
2. Rice - 1 cup
3. Onions - 1 nos
4. Green chilli - 3 nos
5. Ginger - to taste
6. Jeera - 1 tsp
7. Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp
8. Garam Masala (optional) - 1 tsp
9. Pepper (optional) - 1 small tsp
10. Oil - 1 tsp
11. Salt to taste

Method de Preparation
1. Wash the split green lentils and rice separately and side aside
2. Chop onions, green chilli, ginger
3. Heat some oil in a pressure cooker. Splutter jeera and pepper. Add the chopped onions, green chillis and ginger and fry till the onions are transparent.
4. Add turmeric powder and garam masala
5. Add the washed lentils and rice and toss. Once the rice looks slightly transparent add water to this mix.
6. Pressure cook for 2 whistles
Et voila, it is ready to enjoy.

I used split green lentils as I did not soak whole green lentils before cooking. Split ones are easier to cook (in just two whistles in pressure cooker). Also, I wanted to style this like Pongal (another famous south indian dish). I also added some long beans to the mix and pressure cooked the whole thing. I like the mix of veggies and dhal. If you add carrots, make sure to balance the spice as carrots tend to be a little sweet.

Bon App!


Sailaja said...

This recipe looks yummy.

Amrutha said...

Thanks to you, Sailu!