Thursday, April 24, 2008

H for Hummus

I finally did it! I've been wanting to try my hand at Middle Eastern cooking and last Saturday and this morning, I did it!
There are definitely umpteen recipes available for Hummus, but I thought I'll share mine too and inspire many other novice cooks like me.
Hummus is a traditional middle eastern dish made from just chick peas. Here is how I went about it
1. Chick peas - 1 tin
2. Olive oil - half a cup
3. Mint - (optional) 2-3 leaves
4. Tabouleh sauce - 1 tbsp
5. Lime/Lemon juice - 4 to 5 tbsp
6. Salt to taste
7. Chilli powder - 1 tsp
8. Cilantro - 4 to 5 leaves

Method de Preparation:
1. Soak chick peas overnight. Drain out the water. If your are using a canned one, just wash the chick peas well in running water
2. Take the chick peas in a blender, add olive oil (you can choose to be generous or stingy), some salt to taste, tabouleh sauce, mint leaves and blend into a smooth paste.
3. Transfer into a bowl and add the lemon/lime juice and mix well.
4. If you like spicy hummus, then add a tsp of chilli powder and mix well
5. Garnish with cilantro leaves and serve
Now some people prefer the garlic taste in hummus. If you wish to use garlic, sautee the garlic in olive oil and add it to the blender. I prefer my hummus without the garlic :)
Hummus can be enjoyed with crackers, pita chips, pita bread or even just carrots!
Bon App!

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