Sunday, August 12, 2007


Arisi Maavu (Rice Flour) : Ulutham maavu(Black Gram Flour) = 3:1
Perungayam (asafeotida)
Salt to taste
Butter (vennai/naey)
Acchu (to make the template in maavu and them deep fry it in oil)
Oil (to deep fry)

Method de preparation:
1. Mix the two flours (arisi maavu and ulutham maavu) in the specified ratio
2. Add Jeera, asafoetida powder, salt and butter and mix it all into a thigh dough consistency
3. Make small balls and drop into the acchu. Make templates using the acchu on paper towels
4. Heat oil till you can see light fumes rising
5. Deep fry the templates and enjoy.

I will take pictures of these and post them the next time I make these Thenkuzal.
Bon App!

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