Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Carrot Rice and Raita

Hey All!
I am back from my slumber, but may be not too long. This recipe was the result of a lot of carrots in my fridge and a sudden urge to better my vision :).

1. Carrots - 3 medium size
2. Onions - 1 medium
3. Green Chillis - 3 nos
4. Bay Leaves
5. Cloves.cardamon/a spoon of dhania or jeera powder
6. Rice - 1 cup
7. Green Bell Pepper - 1 medium
8. Salt to taste
10. Oil to fry

Method de Preparation
1. Cool Rice in 1 cup of water. I used basmati rice for flavor and fragrance
2. Wash, Peel and grate the carrots
3. Cook carrots in the microwave in 1.5 cups of water. I microwaved the carrots for about 10 mins
4. Finely chop the onions and green chillis and the green bell pepper
5. On a tava, melt a spoonful of ghee. Add the bay leaves, cloves, cardamon and the dhania or jeera powder. Add the chopped green bell pepper, onions and green chillis.
6. Once it is well fried, add the cooked carrots (strained from the water). Add salt to taste and cook till you get the flavor of the spices.
7. Once well cooked, add rice and the carrot mix in layers and toss all together.
8. If you like the taste of corriander, you can add some fresh, finely chopped corriander leaves to this rice.

The rice is now ready to enjoy!
I made cucumber/tomato raita to go along with this rice. Here is the quick and simple yet tasty recipe

1. Yogurt - 4 tbsp
2. Cucumber - 1 medium, chopped.
3. Tomato - 1 medium, chopped
4. Green chillis - 2 nos, finely chopped
5. Oil, mustard for tadka

Method de preparation:
1. Heat 1 tsp of oil and add mustard to prepare tadka
2. Once the mustard seeds pop, add the cucumber, tomato and green chillis.
3. Once the tomatoes look half cooked, remove from flame and add to a cup of yogurt
4. Add Salt and some chaat masala and mix well.
A tasty raita to complement the carrot rice is now ready!!
Bon App

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