Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aval Dosai and Idli

Yesterday, my husband decided to cook for me and started off making this aval upma(poha upma). Here is what he started with
1. Poha - 2 handfuls
2. Onions - 1 medium chopped finely
3. Green Chillis - 2 nos finely chopped
4. Mustard for tadka

Method de Preparation
1. Wash poha and set aside
2. In a tsp of oil, add mustard and let it pop
3. Fry the onions and green chillis
4. Add the washed poha, salt and let it boil.

Now, since this came out like a batter than an upma, I decided to use this instead of throwing it out. I added
1. some chopped green chillis,
2. some finely corriander,
3. some finely chopped ginger, and
4. 4 tsp of rice flour.

I made a nice batter of it (dosa/idli consistency). I first tried making dosas of them. I was mighty surprised. While pouring the dosa, just let it set the way you pour it. Cover it and let it cook in steam. When the top side looks cooked in steam, flip it and let it cook. Ready to enjoy!

I couldn't stop myself with just dosa. I got adventurous and wanted to try idlis too. For idlis, I fried some cashews in ghee and added them to the batter. I coated the idli plate with melted ghee and then poured the batter. Here is how they came out:

You can enjoy this with mulagai podi/chutney!

Bon App!


Raki said...

Classic creativity!! :o)

Something new to try..looks worth it

Random thoughts said...

it looks interesting will try it soon!!! appreciate ur talent...