Saturday, June 07, 2008

Thank you!

My first blog award! Sailaja passed me this award for being..well, talkative :). Right from school, I've always been a chatterbox. If I am silent, people usually ask me if something is wrong with my health or something is worrying me :). Some have even offered me help during my silence spells and convinced me to confide in them! All in all, I'm always chattering about something or the other under the sun. It was sweet to get this award:

Now to pass it on, I have enjoyed the following blogs:

My sweet friend from College: Ramya: Book Addict

The mellifluous friend: Vidya:Audio Blogging

A delicious blogger: Sailu:Her Food


sailaja said...

Appreciate your sweet gesture, Amrutha. Thank you very much.:)


Sailaja said...

I totally agree what u wrote.

Ramya said...

hey!!:) thank you so much! and i am really really sorry for the late acknowledgement! i somehow missed your comment on my blog coz i was in india at that time.. and came by it today!:) so here i am.. a little late..but here anyways! you have a very interesting food blog here! didnt know you were such a cooking enthusiast!!:)