Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tag! you're it!

Well, my good friend Sailu tagged me with Top 10 things I dislike. I've been thinking of this list and I am not able to put a finger on those TOP 10 things. But here goes a general list:
I dislike:
1. cockroaches
2. horror movies
3. people who back stab
4. people who are lazy
5. rock/death metal/trans music
6. spending weekends working
7. pretentious people
8. getting angry..but I do :(
9. kids who disrespect elders
10. peanut butter!

Now I tag:

Play it on!


Sailaja said...

wow ,now I know what u don't like.

Thanks for replying to my tag

Sireesha said...

Hi, visiting ur blog first time.U have nice and lovely blog. Nice reading ur meme....