Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Microwave Therati Paal

When you are having guests over and don't have too much time to whip up a dessert, this is a perfect time saver. Therati Paal cooked traditionally requires a long time of stirring milk and paying constant attention to the stove. This sweet dish is special and is cooked for auspicious occasions too. Infact, right after marriage, a bride gets introduced to her new relatives over spoonful of therati paal!
Thanks to the microwave, you can whip up this dessert in no time(9 mins to be precise) and can bring you raving praises!

1. condensed milk - 1 tin (approx 400 gms)
2. curd - 3 tbsp

Method de Preparation
1. Take a deep bowl and pour the condensed milk into a bowl. Ensure that the bowl is deep enough to let the condensed milk rise while microwaving.
2. Add the 3 tbsp of curd and mix it with a spoon
3. Microwave for 9 mins. Check periodically every 3 mins. Depending on your microwave power, it may thicken quickly. Once the mix thickens and browns, it is good to be removed. Usually the first 3 mins, the condensed milk tends to rise and boil over, watch out for that. But, it is ready to eat at the end of 9 mins!

Enjoy! Bon App!


Sailaja said...

Nice one Amrutha. We do the same way. We call it as Kova

Amrutha said...

Yep! It is also called Paal Kova (meaning Milk Kova..) glad you liked it!

Valli Doll said...

I think, I have shared this recipe with all my friends! Just added in some elakkai podi and spoon of ghee also. Came in here, thru Anu Karthik's profile on Orkut...